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January 17, 2019

Staying In Business To Save You Money

How could I let 8 years of work go? All the relationships I built up means too much to me. I am now licensed under Optimum First Mortgage as an independent contractor. I still work for myself, however the loans will be processed by OFM in Fountain Valley California. Most of you reading this are familiar, I worked there for three years, but even back then, I was an independent contractor who used the nick name Officer Hansen.

Take note, to save money, I have discontinued my business numbers and even this blog address has to change. If you follow this blog, and you want continue to follow my blog, please use instead of

If you wold like to chat, please call me at 619-990-2687 personal line or my new business line, provided to me at no cost is 949-667-4209.

You will still be able to email me at or, however my personal email is, that is where I will be email you from should rates come down.

If you have Facebook, LETS LINK UP! It's the easiest way for us to stay in touch.

Thank you for you're trust and support. When rates drop, will I be calling you? YOU BET I WILL!

In the mean time, I will not know if you want cash out or to purchase a home, so please call or email me. I check my email all day every day, but I'm not always able to answer my phone. Email is normally the fastest way to reach me.

I am pursuing law enforcement, however if I am lucky enough to be accepted, I will still be offering wholesale mortgages. One benefit of working with OFM again, is I have more lenders to choose from, giving you more options.