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December 16, 2014

The Ultimate Mortgage Secret Revealed Coming January 2015

Like you we believe in family and have been busy with the holidays. To make up for my absence I would like to offer you a behind the scene look at Wholesale Mortgage Lending in the 21st Century.

We are going to show you what the new disclosure will look like that is replacing the existing confusing disclosures that not even the loan officers understand. The new disclosure that will be implemented across the nation, will be so easy, even the most simple people will enjoy shopping for their next mortgage.

To top it off, since we are saying good bye to an interesting chapter in mortgage history, I am going to reveal in the most logical way possible the ultimate secrete in the Wholesale Mortgage Industry. We want to give you a behind the scenes look into a few types of mortgage companies to show you what really goes on when you Google for mortgage rates and what happens with your personal information. The answer is sure to shock you.

Do not worry, its not a book. It will be on 

December 11, 2014

Didn't Fannie Mae Get A Huge Bailout?!

They sure the tune of $188,000,000,000!

So who are they to set guidelines that say your buyer can't get a loan if they had a foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy? In fact, every major lender in the country went through a similar bailout process with OUR TAX DOLLARS. Now, the major lenders and government entities have created what they call a"Qualified Mortgage" which prevents millions of Americans from being able to obtain a home loan for being a victim of the financial crisis that they created, or worse yet, the heinous crime of INDIVIDUALITY!