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January 28, 2021

How To Know If You Should Refinance

Reply to this email with your loan balance, home value and middle credit score. I will email you a quote and if you can save at least 0.25% for 100% free, zip zero, cost you nothing, then you should. Pricing will most likely continue down to keep home values up, conforming loan limits will increase and so will your home value. Most likely you will be able to drop your rate for free, for life. Contact me now. It's So EZ!

Did you know that Equifax used to be named Retail Credit Company

Did you know that Equifax used to be named Retail Credit Company and had to rebrand in 1970 after some bad public relations?  Have you ever wondered how the credit bureaus make money?  Are you curious about what goes in to a credit score?  Or maybe you know a lot about credit but could use a refresher…

I think credit is fascinating since there is a lot of unknown but that’s why Amy offers a free 1 hour credit course and I wanted to extend the invitation. This is a great short class.  Just email her when would you like to set up a class.


Below is her info. I have been recommending Amy for almost a decade and I'm currently using her myself right now. 

Amy Martinez

Account Executive

Rising Point Solutions






860 Airport Freeway, Suite 500, Hurst, Texas 76054


January 13, 2021

Why Choose HomeReady? The benefits are clear.


Ideal HomeReady Borrowers

  • Low income
  • First-time or repeat homebuyers
  • Limited cash for down payment
  • Credit score ≥ 620; borrowers with credit scores ≥ 680 may get even better pricing
  • Supplemental boarder or rental income
  • Looking to purchase or refinance

HomeReady Comparison

Required down payment3%3.5%
Cancellable mortgage insurance*  
Immediate appraisal orders from lenders  
Free from geographic restrictions on loan amounts  
Day 1 Certainty® freedom from reps & warrants available  


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Use the interactive map to quickly find HomeReady income limits by area. Simply search by address or view the areas you serve.

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