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July 17, 2018

Acknowledging The Closing Disclosure -- CD

Closing Disclosure Acknowledgment Requirement

When it comes to acknowledging the closing disclosures. Lenders are heavily regulated on when you can sign based on how they prove you received the closing disclosure. The complicated part is there is not a signature line, because you do not sign it. That is normally the proof we need that you received a document. Instead we need proof you received it, this is actually harder than it sounds. One of our partners designed a special system that allows you to receive the documents 3 days faster than normal.

Normally you can sign 6-7 days from the day the lender issued the Closing Disclosure to you. However we can send it to you online using our That's My Mortgage system, allowing you to sign three days from the day you receive the CD.

If you fail to click "OK" next to the CD prior to 9pm, and you do not want to delay closing another day, you may hand sign, date and print your name at the top or bottom of each page and send to us any method you like. Fax, email, even Facebook. :) The loan officer must receive and upload your CD to the portal within 24 hrs of your signature for it to be valid.

I hope this posting helps save you time and money!

July 4, 2018

Student Debt Does Not Have To Hurt

If you want cash out to pay off student loans. We will treat it like rate and term.