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March 30, 2018

Happy Easter!

Based on $150 - $250k purchase price with only 3% Down (100% gift funds allowed) CA & AZ 30 Day Lock

Today's Rates: 3.99% 0 Points, 0 Cost, BPMI. Lender pays lender picked fees, seller pays seller picked fees, buyer pays 0. True No Cost Loan.


Today's Rates: 4.49% 0 Points, 0 Cost, Lender Pays Mortgage Insurance, Borrower Pays 0. Lender pays lender picked fees, seller pays seller picked fees, buyer pays 0. True No Cost Loan, No Mortgage Insurance and only 3% down.

So EZ Mortgage
Michael James Hansen
NMLS ID: 344532
AZDFI: 0939162
CABRE: 01885141

Pricing subject to change without notice. Based on 760+ FICO, income less than 50% AMI, DTI under 50%.

Federal Housing Program direct to you by So EZ Mortgage.

March 22, 2018

Wholesale Mortgage Insurance, So EZ Has The Lowest In The USA

Our borrower paid mortgage insurance is the lowest in the USA.

The absolute lowest. Based on a $300k loan at 4.5% rate 680 FICO and 95% LTV, our BPMI is only $178 a month, compared to the competitions BMPI $278 a month. That's $100 a month savings, or $20,000 more home for the same payment.

The choice, is So EZ, you're almost done!

March 20, 2018

NEW Free Credit Score Simulation To Boost Your Lender Credits At Closing

We now offer free credit score simulation when applying for a mortgage. When you apply for a mortgage, your score impacts the rate you pay and the credit you get from the lender. If you score comes in lower than what is needed to get a more favorable scenario, our partner will evaluate your report and provide scenarios for you to improve your score. 

For example, if you open a credit card, your score will increase by 15 points. 

March 15, 2018

Arizona Property Tax

When you purchase a home in Arizona, the property tax bill will be exactly the same as it is currently. The county can increase or decrease taxes every billing cycle, which is twice a year. You can see the projected tax amount on sites like Zillow, just do not look for your lender on their, since it cost so much more to be on Zillow as a lender, that they will charge you much more than So EZ will.

The amount you qualify to purchase is based on the funds you have to close, right now you only need 3% and the total monthly payment. The advantage to purchasing a home in AZ vs CA is by having a lower tax bill, you qualify for more.

In California if you purchase a home, the property tax amount you will pay is based on 1.125% of the purchase price. Your neighbor may be paying only $2,000 a year in property taxes, where if you want to live next to him, you must pay $8,000 in property taxes. The same is not true in AZ.

Written by Michael J Hansen

March 14, 2018

Slam-Dunk Purchase Season With The Best MI

Not all MI pricing was created equal, and not every lender can guarantee the best rates. At So EZ, you get competitive offers for your clients, on top of an amazing experience. With Purchase Season heating up, it's important to pass on the savings to your clients. Officer Hansen will go through scenarios with you to properly identify the best MI option for each client.

March 6, 2018

Why Was the Reverse Mortgage Created?

The reverse mortgage was created to help widow Nellie Young stay in her home after the death of her husband. Since then, the loan has helped thousands of seniors across the country continue to live in the homes they love, reach their financial goals, and change the way they live their retirement. The purpose of a reverse mortgage can be different for every person.

While it was created to save someone from losing their home, the reverse mortgage has grown into a versatile product that can be used in a number of different ways – including helping clients keep their home.

Using a Reverse Mortgage

We like to put the uses for a reverse mortgage into two categories: immediate needs and future planning. Immediate needs include making home improvements, consolidating debts, purchasing a new home, doing more in retirement, or eliminating monthly mortgage payments – while continuing to pay property taxes, homeowners insurance, and home maintenance costs. A few examples of future planning include creating an emergency fund for unexpected costs or living off loan proceeds while allowing other assets to grow in value. Another option is leaving reverse mortgage proceeds untouched in a line of credit to allow them to increase in value over time.

Choosing the Right Reverse Mortgage Product

There are a few different kinds of reverse mortgages to best help someone reach their financial goals and needs.

The fixed rate option locks the interest rate in at the time of closing and only disburses proceeds in one lump sum payment. This could be a good option for someone who wants to fulfill an immediate need, such as consolidating their debt or paying for a major home improvement.

The adjustable rate option has an interest that changes throughout the life of the loan and has payout options that are a little more flexible. People who get this type of loan can receive their proceeds in a lump sum payment, monthly distributions, a line of credit, or any combination of the three. This s a good option for those with future planning needs. The line of credit option is an especially wise decision for those who are looking to use a reverse mortgage in their retirement planning, to allow other retirement assets to grow or to leave their loan proceeds untouched so they can grow in value over time.

The HECM for Purchase allows the borrower to purchase a home with a reverse mortgage and not have to make another mortgage payment as long as they live in the home and continue to pay their property taxes and homeowners insurance and maintain the home. This is the right option for someone who is looking to purchase a home.

Not a Loan of Last Resort

Though the reverse mortgage was created to help a widow keep her home – and has helped thousands of seniors keep their homes – many people associate this great benefit of the reverse mortgage with negative misconceptions. Some people believe the reverse mortgage is a loan of last resort. This is far from the truth. The reverse mortgage can be an effective financial tool and has been touted by financial advisors and financial news outlets. Another popular reverse mortgage myth is that the lender will own the home, not the borrower. The fact is that the borrower continues to own the home. The homeowner’s name continues to remain on the title.

Is a Reverse Mortgage Right for You?

If you don’t know if a reverse mortgage is right for you, or you are unsure which product would be best for your situation, give our licensed specialists, Michael J. Hansen, a call directly at 855-955-7639. He will see if you qualify and answer any questions you may have. He can also speak with you about your situation and give you a more customized option. We also recommend speaking to your financial advisor.

Written By: Lauren Russell

March 5, 2018

Online Rate Quotes, Could Not Get Any Faker

Websites advertise any rate they want, and disclose any fees they want with it. All they have to do is include the words, subject to change. They control the reviews, so as long as the bank is paying the, no bad reviews will be published. Try doing something about it. Their purpose is to generate leads, sell your information and hope that you will eventually realize all banks are pretty close in rate, the main difference in fees, is the cost to obtain that rate. Once they have you on the phone, they may be able to convince you that they are the best and you did your shopping. Do not let websites lie to you, get a quote from more than one lender, in writing without letting them run your credit or take your application.