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April 15, 2021

It's Official I Work With Cal-Loans Direct Now

 Cal-Loans Direct is owned by Tom who sat right next to me while we worked at Optimum First Mortgage almost a decade ago. We both left OFM to open our own brokerage around the same time in 2013. 

The reason I left E Mortgage to work with Tom is that E Mortgage chose to work with UWM and UWM does not allow their partners to work with Rocket Mortgage. Tom and I both feel the same way about Rocket, so he ditched UWM as did I. 

Now I can resume locking your rate with Rocket Mortgage and closing your loan with Rocket Speed at wholesale prices. 

New company info:

Brokerage Company: Cal-Loans Direct | Company NMLS:957353 |
20262 Orchid St, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | Phone:(800) 560-1906 |

Michael J. Hansen | Wholesale Mortgage Broker

DRE Broker ID: 01885141 | NMLS ID: 344532 |

Pricing, It's Doing What I Said It Would Do

It keeps getting better and better, better all the time. :) In my opinion, rates will be negative and that's inevitable like Thanos. Home values are dependent on it, and the monetary system is dependent on home values always rising. There are a million ways to explain how home values are dependent on rates, but I will make it EZ for you, try explaining how they aren’t!

April 7, 2021

JUMBO Just Got Better

Lock in more Jumbo Smart loans with HUGE improvements! Our new Jumbo Smart product just got stronger! Based off of your feedback, we made enhancements to Jumbo Smart, just in time for the heart of purchase season – while rates are still low! We’ve increased the max loan amounts from $2 million up to $2.5 million. Only one appraisal is needed! Raised the LTV cap from 80% all the way up to 89.99 % LTV. No mortgage insurance needed! Increased DTI up to 45%. Lowering FICO® Score down to 680.