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June 30, 2020

Check Live Mortgage Rates Here! 30 YR under 3.0% APR

Check Live Mortgage Rates Here! 30 YR under 3.0% APR

Find your best rate online using sites like and, keep in mind they are not disclosing the full closing cost like 3rd party fees, usually resulting in a $1,300 to $2,800 increase in closing cost in addition to what is shown online.

However if you let me shop the banks for you, I can offer you exclusive wholesale pricing better than what you can find online. Whatever the best pricing is on, is the pricing I can offer but I will be throwing in all the third party cost for free. They will need to sell you a higher rate to cover those fees or roll them into the loan if you don't want to pay them at closing. However if you call me right now, you will save yourself thousands compared to the best priced online lender and they are already saving you thousands, so you will really have something to brag to your friends and family about.

Don't get lost in a large lenders pipeline, adopt Michael Hansen as your loan officer for life and skip the wait, the unnecessary
paperwork and the third party fees. Email me right now at

This link will take you to the blog that is automated and always current give or take a few days. 

Michael James Hansen

New Contact Information

To all my awesome clients,

My life is changing this year, I'm finalizing my divorce, moving to a new location and opening up my own shop again or partnering up with an existing partner with Quicken Loans Mortgage Services.

If you wish to reach me to take advantage of my super quick, super EZ and super low to no cost loans, call my new Verizon Cell at 619-992-3637 or email me at Only the number is new, but I will no longer be reachable at Optimum First Mortgage.

Michael James Hansen