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July 19, 2017

California Real Estate Agents, Save Your Clients!

Not only are our rates going to increase your clients buying power, our mortgage insurance borrower paid or lender paid, are going to save them even more!

July 14, 2017

Minimum Down Payment by Occupancy

Want To Buy An Investment But Do Not Have The Income?

Great news, now you can purchase an investment property and project the rental income to qualify.

This means if you financed your house and you were told you are close to your maximum DTI, and cannot qualify for a second, you can now. We just order a special form allowing us to project what the income will be. You can use 75% of that income on your application even though you have never received any rental income yet.

So EZ Mortgage, all the benefits, without all the cost.

July 10, 2017

21 Day California Home Purchase

When it comes to purchasing a home, there is nothing more important than the lender securing the funds to close.

  • Do they guarantee, they will close your purchase in 15-30 days?
  • Do they guarantee, the lowest rate with the lowest closing cost?
  • Do they guarantee, someone who can help you will answer the phone 12/7?
  • Do they order the appraisal the same day you receive your accepted offer? (not available for FHA loans)
  • Do they submit the file the same day they receive your accepted offer?
  • Do they fully approve your loan in 24-48hrs from acceptance of your offer?
  • Do they guarantee the appraisal will be done within 7 days from acceptance?
  • Do they guarantee your loan will close or your appraisal money back?
  • Do they lock your rate the same day they quote you?
  • Do they send you proof your rate is locked?
  • Can they table fund your loan, meaning fund it the same day you sign, so you can record the same day you sign and instantly become a home owner?

If you asked Michael James Hansen and Danielle Nicole Hansen these questions, we would answer, yes, to all.

July 6, 2017

New So EZ Mortgage Calculator for Purchase and Refinance

Our new improved calculator has never been easier to understand. Ask me for your copy today.

July 5, 2017

Omit Monthly Debt To Qualify Using 12 Checks From Someone Else

Right now, if you need to remove debt from your monthly obligations in order to qualify, and you are not the person making the payments on that debt, then you can omit it by supplying the lender with 12 consecutive, most recent, canceled checks.

New Loan Program Allows You To Refinance Student Debt As Rate And Term

Basically, if you want to wrap up your student debt into your mortgage, you can do that without getting a cash out price hit. Making your rate better than if you were combining any other type of loan, besides a purchase money second.