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March 8, 2017

Increase Your Credit Score With Amy - It's So Easy

Many clients have found out after reviewing their credit profile that their score is not high enough to get the lowest rates. In order to get their score higher they had many obstacles to overcome. The first is determining what is causing the undeserved score and how to correct it. Nothing else matters at this point.

The best way to do this in my experience is by letting your loan officer send a copy of your credit report to Amy Martinez with Rising Point Solutions. She will asses the report and determine what items are curable, how long it will take and the cost to do so. She does this for FREE. She is a true professional and weather you hire her or not, you wont regret letting her give you her free assessment.

Cell: 714-815-8417
Work: 866-655-4411

I have referred Amy to several clients, and every time they let me know how thankful they are. So far she has increased over 8 of my clients scores with 100% success rate. Or if you just want to read how to fix your score yourself, you can find helpful information on her site at or

The minimum cost is $100, the maximum is normally $600. She corrected my wife's report and it went from in the 500s to the 800s in 4 months and cost $400.00.