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August 21, 2018

Rates, What Are They Doing? What Does The Future Hold?

Rates have been on the rise, but they have been hovering around 4.5% rate and 4.5% APR for 0 closing cost on conventional loans and 4.25% rate with 4.25% APR for government insured loans. If you look at the history of rates, over all rates are doing what they always have been, dropping. But right now, it feels like they are only going up, and although that has happened before and can happen again, I would not bet on it. IF you want to buy a home and you need a lower rate to afford the home you want, first check with So EZ Mortgage, because our rates are guaranteed to be the lowest for no cost, enabling you to maximize your purchasing power without having to pay for it. Second you may want to pay fees to obtain a lower rate, this will normally give you about $10,000 in purchasing power for every $1,500 in closing cost on a home that cost about $700,000. So even if you bet rates are going to drop one day, you may find yourself paying fees for a lower rate to get that home before someone else does or the price goes up. More information at
Rates may be going up, values may be going up, but what happens when rates drop? Values will keep going up? Well, if 2007 and 2008 don't happen again, why not? They way I see it, the feds used the Housing Bubble Crisis to take control of the largest lenders in the world and now control the housing values through the lenders. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3. The cost to own a home determines how much you can afford, the lower the cost, the more you can afford, the more you make the more you can afford, but if we need to keep the money you make at a stand still, but keep home values rising, we lower the cost to own, and then over time we raise and lower the rate depending on how the economy is doing. This will allow home values to do nothing but thrive while the economy can do whatever it wants with little to no impact on home values. Thus ensuring reverse mortgages will survive without a doubt and eventually most people will want a reverse mortgage or actually the new HECM I should say, by the time they are 62. A free in clear home will be an un necessary risk 4 years from now if it isn't already.  It's complicated, if you want to understand more, I want to talk to you, pick up your phone and call me right now, directly at 855-955-SOEZ 7 days a week.Sincerely,MJH