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February 11, 2021

UPDATED: Hey Mike, What's Mortgage Rates Look Like These Days?

I'm glad you asked, you can find out anytime you want without getting tricked by visiting my new blog posting I created last month replacing my old website tracker.

Now you can view current mortgage rates by going to and clicking Current & Historical Rates. That's EZ to remember, if you ever want to know rates, you simply go to a phone or PC and type its so easy to remember!

You can also bookmark the posting and name it Rates on your bookmark bar, anytime you visit the posting you will notice the dates are updated and so are the rates. It's an automated rate watcher that updates at least every 36 hours.

Everyone has a different scenario, however most clients with loan amounts over $200k, 740+ credit scores, 30-40%+ equity, single family home that they occupy as their primary home and not taking cash out will qualify for the rate shown, rate and APR. Meaning no cost. 

For example, today I visited the post and it looks like the below. It says Dec 29th 2020, because that was the day this post was originated. However if you look at the chart it says 28-Jan-2021, its current. IT says the 30 year fixed rate is about 2.69% rate and 2.69% APR. 

If you are a veteran, email me. Rates are lower for veterans. Bless their souls.