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April 15, 2021

It's Official I Work With Cal-Loans Direct Now

 Cal-Loans Direct is owned by Tom who sat right next to me while we worked at Optimum First Mortgage almost a decade ago. We both left OFM to open our own brokerage around the same time in 2013. 

The reason I left E Mortgage to work with Tom is that E Mortgage chose to work with UWM and UWM does not allow their partners to work with Rocket Mortgage. Tom and I both feel the same way about Rocket, so he ditched UWM as did I. 

Now I can resume locking your rate with Rocket Mortgage and closing your loan with Rocket Speed at wholesale prices. 

New company info:

Brokerage Company: Cal-Loans Direct | Company NMLS:957353 |
20262 Orchid St, Newport Beach, CA 92660 | Phone:(800) 560-1906 |

Michael J. Hansen | Wholesale Mortgage Broker

DRE Broker ID: 01885141 | NMLS ID: 344532 |