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October 13, 2021

Mortgage Rates In October Are Spooky Low, Here Are Some Rates and Costs Available Today

 The lowest rate on a 30 year fixed for 0 points and 0 cost that I funded was 2.5% on a 30 year fixed. You would need the best case scanario to get that rate. Loan amount over $400k and 40% equity, Single Family Home, that you occupy as your primary home. 

Most people with the best case scanario were able to obtain 2.69% and 2.75% for no cost on a 30 year fixed. 

We introduced a new ARM that is amortized for 30 years but only fixed for 7 years, on the 8th year it can adjust down or up every 6 months. Some people recieved rates as low as 2.375% for no cost with this option. 

The 15 year fixed was at 2.125% to 2.25% for no points and no fees for many scanarios. There was a day this year that 1.99% was avaialble for free on a 15 year fixed. 

On the 10 year fixed, one client from Carlsbad, CA recived 1.99% for 100% free. That was the lowest rate funded for no cost in 2021 with us. 

If you would like to know what rate you can get for 0 points, and 0 Lender Cost with a credit covering all the 3rd party cost, making it 100% free, email me at or call me at our new EZ number 520-523-SOEZ.